Elisabeth and Ronald are putting back in production the olive grove in regenerative agrobioecology (living culture, natural ecosystem) and to open the domain to public. The humor of the place invites to life contemplation, creativity, sensitive intuition and self-revitalization.

Love of beautiful - Health & taste alliance - Simplicity - 100% natural - Living culture - Local culture - Life respect - Dolce vita - Art de vivre - Art - Sensation

We create homemade agricultural products. We have the mention NATURE&PROGRES, compliance with high specifications 100% natural.

The domain is composed of olive trees, fruit trees and flagrant flowers.

Strenght of trees

We enforce the immune system of the trees and let him facing the illnes in order to pickup the polyphenols. A tasting by a jurys validated the HIGH POLYPHENOL RATE content in the olive oil.

The picking is adapted to the fruit maturity. We cultivate the 'cailletier' in 'pays de Grasse', the 'tanche' and 'aglandau' in the 'Alpes de Haute Provence'. We triturate the oil by a local third party in 'pays de Grasse' (Speracedes mill).

Gold from bees

Bees are the indicator of healthy crop (apiary health). We practise ecological beekeeping (JC Guillaume) close to wild bees.

The ground, flowery meadow, is maintained and plants are planted to provide them with diversified food alll year round.

We contribute to the preservation of the local BLACK BEE.

Perfume of rose of Grasse

Centifolia rose, jasmin, violette, mimosa, saffron, rosemarin... enrich the range of NATURAL FLAGRANCE of the fruit trees products (cherries, apricots, plums, figs). Subtle flavors by decoction and maceration without altering the fruit.

They are reinforced by fermented plant extracts and homeopathy, promoting their capability for regeneration and adaptation to climate change.

Focus: soil fertility, immune system, holistic approach, local genetics

Living culture for an 'additive medecine' (to stimulate by adding life) rather than 'substractive' (to remove the symptom). The soil system is to be seen as the human body (phytotherapy). Diversity is a key issue of the culture (strengthen immune system, reduce illness risk).

Relaunch the MICROBIOTE from the soil to maintain the MICROBIOTE of men/women.

Extraction of the properties of plants for healthy products

A just in-time picking and preparation of the day allow to preserve all vitamins issued by the sun of cote d'azur.Our products reflect the association of fruits (70%) and macerated flowers.

Slow and long cooking (62°) assures the conservation of expected fruit properties:

  • Olive leaves: hypotensor (no cardio-depressant effect), diuretic, anti-diabetic, improve liver functions, febrifuge.
  • Cheery: anti inflamnation, arthrose, depurative (liver, stomac), relaxing.
  • Figue: antioxidant, skin elasticity, cardiovascular disease.
  • Rose: tonic, revitalisante.
  • Violet: cough expectorant, laxative, diuretic, indigestion, anti stress.
  • Dandelion: arthritis.
  • Mint: aphrodisiac, digestion.
  • Lavander: digestion, insomnia, relaxation, anti stress.
  • Licorice: cough expectorant, asthme, laxative, antioxidant


Culture charter

- 0 pesticide, 0 chemical inputs (no phyto), 100% natural culture, soil preservation (the model: the wood and its humus without erosion). 
- innovative agroecology : focus on soil's living organisms (microbiology, mycorhizes) and soil conductivity (by minerals and plant roots).
- Diversified organic amendment : RCW, compost (animal+vegetable), coal, basalt, green manure (protein nitrogen/carbon ratio).
- Natural cares: homeopathy/essential oils/decoction/fermented extract, insects and birds (ecosystem). 
- Posture:  ecosystem adaptation, observation/ gentle action, structural cares (strengthening plant defences). 
- Development of terroir: transplantation of suckers / scions / young shoots, cuttings, purchase bare root seedlings, genetic work



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