Stay Well-Being

Care à la carte or complete formula

To dive into a hot relaxing bath to release its tensions. Guaranteed to relax! 

Homemade Olive tree bath infusion based on best gourmands and most beautiful barks with bare sizes. This service is proposed in your room. Homemade eau de Cologne.


Take care of your energy by considering/ depending on deep body needs. 

Fragrant harmonisation : relaxing impregnation of selected scents of essential oils. (Olfactothérapy®). 

Holy trip : Delicate placement of sweet and sacred fragrant vegetal oils including olive oil (anointing oils).

80eu - 1h-1h30

Give yourself an interiorisation moment to feel your « inside ».

Yoga with odours: Relaxation, guided meditation, pranayamas and asanas, body awareness practices, sensations and vibration inspired by Kasmir yoga. Group sessions.

10..30eu - 1h-1h30

Massage by external practitioner :  shiatsu or swedish massage :  80eu - 1h30

These complementary therapies and wellness activities do not replace medical treatments.


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